Sunday, April 1, 2012

A University of Florida Man Needs no Introduction

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There are at least five graduates of the University of Florida in the current group of Volunteers assigned to Ghana. This person is not one of them, he is the Headmaster of the Junior High School where I teach. Normally more professionally dressed, this day he came to work wearing a Florida Gator shirt not knowing I am a graduate of that University. Could not resist a picture of U of F's world wide fans. In the background you can see our school building and the chairs and table that are part of the faculty office and lounge situated under the mango tree.

I enjoy working for this Headmaster as his primary interest for the school is providing an opportunity for the students to successfully complete an education and move on to Senior High and perhaps after to Technical School or University. He expects us to support him in that objective and demands discipline from the students and performance from his teachers. Although this assignment is a real challenge for me and at the end of most days am ready to sit in a soft chair and take on some refreshments, I am grateful for my fellow teachers and his leadership.

We are just a few weeks away from the completion of the second of three 15 weeks terms making up the academic year. I continue to teach mathematics and computer skills. Except for the concepts and principals of mathematics, everything else is a new experience. The government school system is administered throughout Ghana by the Ministry of Education and even though the school where I teach is called the Roman Catholic, Junior High School, curriculum, term dates, teacher assignment, teaching syllabus and most other systems are decided by the Ministry. The village also has a Seventh Day Adventist school, an Islamic School and a Government School, all controlled by the Ministry. There are also private primary and secondary schools throughout Ghana.

I am looking forward to the school break and perhaps some sightseeing. Let me know if you need a University or Team shirt or shorts as the market has a wide assortment. Go Gators !!

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