Thursday, November 3, 2011

Main Street in the Village

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This is main street in the village where I live. I am on my way home from school at about 2:30 PM, walking north. A major highway runs right through the middle of the village, mostly homes and small kiosks on both sides selling fast foods (fried yams, oranges, rice, etc) and small items for the kitchen or household. The highway runs south to the capitol city, Accra, and north of here branches west to Cote D' Ivoire, and north to the Upper West Region and then into Burkina Faso. It is heavily traveled day and night and the picture shows one of the large trucks headed south, likely to the major Ghanian port of Tema, 8-10 hours away. All kinds of goods and people move over the road in a wide variety of vehicles, most heavily overloaded. This area is the center of farming and the largest open air food market in the country is just a few miles south. People from all over Ghana and even the neighboring countries come to buy for their own kitchens or for resale in their markets. My house is about a five minute walk up the road, there is a food kiosk on the porch and my bedroom is very close to the highway. I am adjusting to the almost continuous noise of the vehicles, but sometimes late at night it seems the vehicle went right through the house. I am enjoying getting to know the people of the village and walking along their main street is a good place to meet.

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