Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Month as a Peace Corps Volunteer

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I have completed the first month of my 24 months of service in Ghana and completed two weeks in the classroom. I have been assigned to teach mathematics and computer technology to the Form 1 (7th grade) and Form 2 (8th grade) students. I am familiar with the mathematics, but it is a first time experience to be teaching basic computer technology. Unfortunately the school has no computers and my somewhat limited abilities will make it a challenging year for me and of course the students. Class sizes of over 60 will make classroom management interesting. But, I am pleased to have started the job that I came here to do and anticipate a school year full of new experiences and opportunities to contribute to the education of these active, curious students.

I have moved into my house, not yet my home as plenty is left to do. However, I am dry when it rains, well fed with local food, and in good health. The next few weeks will end the rainy season and I can already feel the heat build later in the afternoons. The last week we have had thunderous rain storms, with lightening all over the sky, and a drenching downpour. Not seen any storms like them since experiencing one in Florida a few years ago that rolled in off the Gulf into the Everglades. The noise off the tin roof of my house is deafening. The positive side is I have plenty of rainwater for my bucket bath, tea, laundry and other needs. Don't have to walk over to the water point with my plastic containers for a few days.

Like many experiences in my life just hanging on and accepting where events take you is a big part of the adventure. I am hanging on and looking forward to the days ahead for me.

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