Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting Week four in Ghana

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It has been three weeks since I became a Peace Corps Volunteer. After departing Washington DC on June 8, I am now in the country of Ghana. After three days of adjustment in the city of Accra, we have moved to a training site some distance to the north, Kukurantumi. I am practice teaching maths and science in a local Junior High School, learning about methods and conditions for teaching in Ghana. They are different. The language of the education system is thankfully English, but in another week the intensive language training begins for six weeks. I feel the anxiety building. I have received my assigned teaching site for the two years. It is almost in the center of the country near a town called Thieman, in the region of Brong- Ahafo. I will teach maths and maybe science at a small Catholic Junior High. Living conditions sound spartan, but certainly adequate. You are invited for a visit. Not sure when I will get in front of a computer again as this one is at a cafe a 15 minute taxi ride away and time is taken up six days a week with Peace Corps training. I certainly feel completely in God's capable hands as I work all this out. To the small children we are known as Obroni, the man from over the horizon or just the white person. All the best from Ghana.

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